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Kim Kardashian Slathered Strange Compound On Her Booty For 'paper' Shoot-- Approximately She Claims

> Kim Kardashian told Womens Use Daily that she additionally makes use of the oil to slick down child N. Wests curly hair. I simply started utilizing our oil due to the fact that I needed to slick it [her hair] back and make it remain. I simply use a decline of it, yet then she brushes it as well as likes to clutter everything up. Throughout her FOX 101.9 interview, Kim Kardashian disclosed that makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic was the man responsible for rubbing her down with the hair oil. Interestingly, Mario informed a various story when the New york city Daily News asked him regarding the item that was used for Kims Paper journal photo shoot. Dedivanovic declared that he glossed Kardashians glutes using basic baby oil. I do not have a name for the oil. Its merely a baby oil item from Europe. I just shot everything over her body from a pump container.

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